VOLTFUSE | 2016 January 10, 2017 – Posted in: News, Video

The long awaited 2016 VOLTFUSE team edit is now live. For the most part, last winter was rough, in terms of snow amounts throughout North America. With that being said though,  if you really enjoy snowboarding, you learn to make the best with what you have. This brand revolves around that concept. Making the best with the resources we have and sharing the good times and fruits of our labour with positive like-minded humans. VOLTFUSE is influenced and managed by a diverse group of snowboarders located around the globe. Here’s an assortment of video clips from the 15/16 season that captures those individuals having fun on their snowboards. We hope you enjoy!

Riders: Charles-etienne Leclerc, Colton Boehlke, Kieren Jardine, Johann Sigurdsson, Eric Buczek, Christian Briones, Logan Kruse, David Lee, Quinten Fast, Trent Lodge, Jasper Fast, and Patrick Mengler

Filmed and Edited by: Adam Dahlen

Additional Filming: Christian Batthany, Sean Callaghan, Vidar Stefansson, Jordan Macdonald, Gabriel Larivière, Johnny Hancheck, and Cal Aamodt