VOLTFUSE | 2015 Team Edit December 22, 2015 – Posted in: News, Video

VOLTFUSE is influenced and managed by a diverse team of snowboarders located around the globe. Here’s an abundance of video clips from the 14/15 season that captures those individuals having fun on their snowboards.

View the 15/16 Fall-Winter Collection HERE

Riders: Colton Boehlke, Eric Buczek, Trent Lodge, Zach Bailey, Quinten Fast, Jasper Fast, Johann Sigurdsson, Alex Henniffent, Christian Briones, Patrick Mengler, and Logan Kruse

Filmed & edited by: Adam Dahlen

Additional filming: Spencer Aston, Sean Callaghan, Billy Bjork, Vidar Stefansson, Christian Batthany, and David C Lee