VOLTFUSE 15/16 November 22, 2015 – Posted in: News, Photos, Product

We’re excited to introduce to you our brand new website and 15-16 Fall/Winter collection. Endless hours of designing, testing, and creating has finally concluded.

This year we had a focus pushing the limits of headwear design, while maximizing the quality to the fullest. Each year our main goal is to one-up the previous, and we feel that we have done just that. Incorporating new materials, features, sizes, and styles has been our inspiration for creating each line. We’re pleased to present a full lineup of caps, 5-panels, bucket hats, beanies, knit balaclavas, polar hoods, and hoodies. Each product comes with a story, and we guarantee you that the durability of that good will far exceed the other products on the market.

As per the new website, our goal was to design something new, simple, sleek, and attractive. We wanted to keep things simple for navigating around, yet stylish for giving you a personalized feel. Aside from the style update, there has been a bunch of other enhancements such as increased security measures, quicker site speed, along with the option to checkout using your credit and debit card.

We would like to exchange many thanks to our loyal customers for supporting us this far, and hope that you like our new product line. Stay tuned for more great stuff in the near future!

Below are some of the items from our 15/16 line. You can view the full line HERE.

Khaki Tweed 5-Panel Cap Sunrise 5-Panel Cap Coral 5-Panel Cap Wine Elmer Cap Camo Swatch Cap Black Streak Hoodie Coffee Polar Hood Cyan Nordic Beanie Orange Hunter Beanie Timber Ace Beanie Grey-Twill Ace Beanie