“The Trail” February 23, 2018 – Posted in: News, Video

“The Trail.”

An isolated, DIY, wooded terrain park located within the central region of Newfoundland and Labrador – the same place in which the initial idea for VOLTFUSE was first conceived.

Not only that, but also a metaphorical reference to the pathway that we have been venturing upon for these past 8 years as a brand.

“The Trail” is a short-film that encapsulates the raw passion, drive, and creative spirits that sparked the beginning of VOLTFUSE, and continue to fuel the brand to this day.

Rooted deep within the Newfoundland wilderness, but maintaining an international scope – this is only the beginning.

VOLTFUSE is a specialty headwear and apparel brand, spearheaded by the founding principle of being a truly rider owned and driven initiative, while placing a strong emphasis on authenticity, durability, and technicality within its products.