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{ Solo Hike } May 3, 2016 – Posted in: Video

Just because your local hill is closed for the year, doesn’t mean you can’t still ride. Grab your board, find some snow, and have fun in the nature that surrounds you. VOLTFUSE’s corporate janitor, Alex Henniffent, hiked White Hills the other day with a partially charged battery back, this is the result.

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Trail Boardin May 17, 2014 – Posted in: News, Video

Snowboarding is about getting together with friends, heading out and getting fun and creative on your snowboards. Central Newfoundland doesn’t have a ski resort to cater to the few snowboarders in the area, so we created The Trail. An area where everyone is welcome to come up and ride what we have around us, and just have a good time. Enjoy over 11 minutes of mini-shred taking place at The Trail, White Hills Ski Resort,…

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