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Travel Journal — Mt. Hood August 31, 2018 – Posted in: News, Photos

Earlier this summer, a handful of our team riders, a filmer, and myself embarked on a summer-snowboard adventure to Mt. Hood, Oregon. For the first time ever, VOLTFUSE teamed up with High Cascade Snowboard Camp as an official sponsor. What does that mean, you might ask?

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Summer Vacation to Mt. Hood August 8, 2018 – Posted in: News, Video

This summer, we joined forces with High Cascade as an official sponsor of camp. We rounded up a crew of Canadian riders from coast to coast and headed South in search of some top-tier summer boarding, cheap beer, and most importantly — good times.

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Jasper Fast 13/14 Footage August 3, 2014 – Posted in: Video

Jasper was out for most of this season, but had a super good recovery and come back this summer! From riding Camp Of Champions for a few weeks, to riding Mt. Hood in Oregon, the elder of the Fast brothers was sending it and learning all sorts of new tricks. Keep an eye out for him as well as his younger brother Quinten, it must be in the blood!

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