Summer Vacation to Mt. Hood August 8, 2018 – Posted in: News, Video

This summer, we joined forces with the fine folks at High Cascade as an official sponsor of camp.

And if partnering up with world’s largest and arguably best summer snowboard camp wasn’t exciting enough, most of us had never even been to Mt. Hood before! Needless to say, this was huge for us.

So, we rounded up a crew of Canadian riders from coast to coast, and then headed South in search of some top-tier summer boarding, cheap beer, slight culture shock, and most importantly — good times. Each of these was well-achieved, and we look forward to catching you up there next summer!

Film & Edit: Errol Elli

Additional Filming: Alex Henniffent & Kazuki Nakamura

Riders: Charles-Étienne Leclerc, Colton Carroll, David Lee, Jasper Fast, & Conor Carroll