New Summer Caps May 28, 2018 – Posted in: News, Photos, Product

For many of you, you know that we typically release one product collection per year, taking place during the fall. However, after the overwhelmingly positive response towards our FW-18 collection this year, we felt that it was mandatory for us to keep the momentum going into the summer months. As such, we’re very excited to introduce our first-ever summer release — a mini collection containing three new, exclusive summer caps.

Our Codfish cap pays a tribute to our beloved homeland of Newfoundland and Labrador — the small, Atlantic Canadian province in which we were originally founded within and continue to inhabit. For those who are unfamiliar, the cod species play a significant cultural role within the heritage of our native province. The cod fishery had once served as the economic backbone of our province, with nearly every family having a direct or indirect tie to the fishing sector. Now, many years since then, the province’s economic reliance has shifted towards oil and gas — but the fishing and dining of codfish remain to be a staple within Newfoundland and Labrador culture. Constructed with mesh and foam-backed cotton, our trucker-styled Codfish cap comes in two different colors — khaki and brown — and is finished with an embroidered emblem. This cap features a snapback closure, allowing for one size to fit all.

On a slightly more tropical note — it’s time to hit the beach! We’re excited to bring back our Vacation cap in an entirely new floral pattern with a black-colored interior suede trim. Our Vacation cap features a leather strapback with a branded buckle, allowing for one size to fit all.

Enjoy these new hats, everyone. We couldn’t be more excited to share what’s coming next!