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Bush League Presents: Eric Buzcek May 3, 2014 – Posted in: Video

When Sugarbush Parks’ trillest stunner, Eric Buzcek, pulls up to the parking lot in his murdered out Hummer, you know some heavy riding is about to go down. Watch Eric put the team on his back and make his hero Gucci Mane proud.

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KNUCKLEHEAD Teaser February 21, 2014 – Posted in: Video

Ice Coast Kills Shit is proud to present their 3rd full length flick and newest vid in 2 years… KNUCKLEHEAD. Filmed entirely in New York. Starring the whole ICKS fam. Set to be released in the Summer of 2014.

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Sugarbush Parks January 2014 February 5, 2014 – Posted in: Video

In case you don’t already know, Sugarbush Vermont goes off. Sick park, sick staff, and producing some sick riders! The UVMST boys are lapping there every day, check out some January footage featuring Eric Buczek and a buncha others!

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CP ➳ 2014 C.E. January 23, 2014 – Posted in: Video

A few sunny days lapping Lone Peak, Montana during January with the likes of Patrick Mengler, Neal Reynolds, Spencer Aston, the homie Jeff and the main man Logan Kruse. Kruse totally crushes the last part of this edit with some pretty heavy tricks!

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First Laps @ The Trail January 6, 2014 – Posted in: Video

We were up at The Trail for a day and filmed a few clips to throw online to show some of the park and pow runs. The Trail is our own little park. A bunch of friends and boarders got together with the help of others to create a park for snowboarders who aren’t located near ski resorts(Central Newfoundland). Right now there is numerous park runs, options for runs, as well as ‘backcountry’ powder runs…

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Nike Never Not Part 2 December 12, 2013 – Posted in: Video

This can never get old. Nike Snowboarding absolutely killed it with the worlds most influential and talented snowboarders all around, that come together to make this next level documentary talking about all parts of snowboarding. Watch it and get hyped for some boarding!

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