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VOLTFUSE Team Edit December 18, 2014 – Posted in: News, Product, Video

VOLTFUSE is a 100% snowboarder owned & driven headwear and clothing brand. We’re sticking true to our roots, and running this brand around the concept of having fun and doing what we want. Enjoy our 2015 team edit featuring all of the guys who play a role in designing and creating the product your wearing!

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KNUCKLEHEAD December 10, 2014 – Posted in: Video

It’s finally here, HOW YOU DOIN! The homies at ICKS just dropped their newest flick, check out Colton Boehlke with the opener, Boobs with a few clips, and the rest of the boys straight swinging!

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Jasper Fast 13/14 Footage August 3, 2014 – Posted in: Video

Jasper was out for most of this season, but had a super good recovery and come back this summer! From riding Camp Of Champions for a few weeks, to riding Mt. Hood in Oregon, the elder of the Fast brothers was sending it and learning all sorts of new tricks. Keep an eye out for him as well as his younger brother Quinten, it must be in the blood!

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Cave People ➳ King Size Ender May 20, 2014 – Posted in: Video

Closing weekend – Big Sky 2014 Riders: Logan Kruse, Patrick Mengler, Jimmy Kloote, Mike Oakes, Jake Haivala, Neal Zucker, Alex Ing, Spencer Aston, Nate Falconer, Andrew Starr, Neal Reynolds Film/Edit: Spencer Aston Thanks to Jimmy Kloote for shooting Super 8, and Nerbs for stacking clips Shout out to Big Sky Resort, Budweiser, The Doors, Three Six, Cigs, Spliffs, Ski Racer Booty and Foreign Babes Spring Break forever…

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Wild Card | Full Movie May 19, 2014 – Posted in: Video

Minnesota is known for producing some of the best rail riders in the world. Little did you know, the kids also know how to properly hit a jump. Check out WILD CARD, a movie featuring some of Minnesota’s best up-and-coming riders at at Hyland Hills, Trollhaugen, Wild Mountain, Afton Alps, and in the streets! Our dude, Trent Lodge, has a heavy part in it! Created by Billy Bjork and Jared Floersch in collaboration with ClosedCircuitMedia and…

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Trail Boardin May 17, 2014 – Posted in: News, Video

Snowboarding is about getting together with friends, heading out and getting fun and creative on your snowboards. Central Newfoundland doesn’t have a ski resort to cater to the few snowboarders in the area, so we created The Trail. An area where everyone is welcome to come up and ride what we have around us, and just have a good time. Enjoy over 11 minutes of mini-shred taking place at The Trail, White Hills Ski Resort,…

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