Biggest Little Hill — Mount Baldy February 19, 2020 – Posted in: News, Video

Nestled deep within the Okanagan Valley, there’s an offbeat, community-driven ski hill called Mount Baldy.

A large mountain that despite being abundant in snowfall and rich in terrain, has never fully been able to crack the shell towards attracting much outside visitation. Because of this, Mount Baldy and its rich offerings has remained firmly within the hands and to the enjoyment of a tight-knit ski village at its base.

Mount Baldy is the second of three distinct, community-driven ski hills to be featured in our Biggest Little Hill series.

Produced by VOLTFUSE
Directed by Only Issue Co.


Jasper Fast
Quinn Fogtmann
Bowen French
Alex Henniffent
Liam Noseworthy
Tyler Miller

Special thanks:

Jerry Forney
Adam Swan
Randal Smith
Mike Crowson
Andrew Zwicker

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