Banked & Janked Slalom Tour January 21, 2019 – Posted in: News, Video

VOLTFUSE is proud to present its Canada-wide, ‘Banked & Janked Slalom’ Tour – with stops at Baldy Mountain, BC; Falcon Ridge, MB; and Smokey Mountain, NL.

This is a fun-focused, race-styled event which will be open to BOTH snowboarders and skiers, of ALL ages. There is minimal technical ability required to participate, which means EVERYONE can get involved and set their best time.


For the most part, this will be a pretty standard banked-slalom event, except… we will be haphazardly scattering features, obstacles, and random props within, throughout, and around the course (don’t worry – it’s mostly for looks).

You might be asking, why? Well, everyone’s heard of a “janky-looking setup,” or a “janky rail,” right? Well… whether this was asked for or not, we’re introducing the world’s first jank-oriented banked-slalom event. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out the rest.

Berms, banks, booters, and who knows what else – this is going to be something you won’t want to miss.